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How to choose the perfect tungsten wedding band


 How to Choose the Perfect Tungsten Wedding Band

Choosing the perfect tungsten wedding band, while seemingly complex, is simple process if you follow these three basic principles: durability, design, and comfort.

Tungsten rings have exploded in popularity. Not only are they stylish, but they are also incredibly strong. In fact, in its processed state, tungsten carbide becomes stronger than titanium, gold, or platinum. All while maintaining its polished shine for a lifetime.

Tungsten wedding rings are known for their unmatched resistance to scratching, while maintaining that permanent shine. The only way to scratch a tungsten ring is with a diamond. Don’t be afraid to put your tungsten ring to the test. Not only will it stand up to a steel file without scratching, you can even beat your new wedding band with a hammer without any adverse effects.

The one thing which will affect the durability of your new tungsten carbide ring is the materials with which it is bound. Tungsten in its pure form is a relatively soft metal similar to steel and silver. Its incredible strength and durability come from being fused with a nickel alloy. Prior to purchasing a tungsten ring it is very important to find out its makeup. Do not purchase tungsten rings combined with cobalt. Tungsten jewelry mixed with cobalt may irritate the skin, is not scratch resistant, and is not as durable as tungsten carbide rings bound with nickel.

Tungsten rings, unlike traditional metals, can be crafted in a wide array of styles. With tungsten wedding bands you first have the option of what ring shape you prefer. Some common shapes are pipe cut, domed, beveled edge, and step edge bands. You then are able to choose how you would like to make the ring uniquely yours through various inlays, grooves, and channels. Also one has the option to choose the finish. Finish come in high polish, brushed, combination brushed and polished, and black or gold IPA plating.

The final step in choosing your new ring or wedding band is selecting the width and the diameter. First tungsten rings are generally available in widths ranging from 5-10mm. Women’s wedding bands are commonly 5mm to 6mm while men’s rings range from 6-10mm. Now remember with sizing the width will affect the rings overall fit. Typically tungsten wedding bands run a half size large. However the wider the ring the tighter it will fit. The inner band on tungsten rings is highly polished, slightly domed. This provides a comfortable fit. While tungsten is a heavy metal which may take some time to get used to, the comfort fit band allows for maximum wearability.